Just because I have a kid with Food Allergies 

My son was born with a food allergy which we discovered at 6 weeks old when he had a rash that refused to go away, he would wheez every time he was nursed – long story short, we had bloodwork done to identify what he was allergic to, turned out to be allergies to cow’s milk and eggs. The doctors expected that he would outgrow it by one, he’s almost 8 now and he’s still very much allergic to cow’s milk and eggs. As a mom, I had to come up with different alternatives to make sure he enjoys every meal and snacks a kid loves – pizza, nuggets, cookies, bread, candy. Making Halloween treats fun and allergy friendly for the kids is an adventure – favorite allergy friendly treats my son loves are skittles, twizzlers, smarties, temporary fun tattoos.

Favorite brands: Daiya, Tyson makes chicken nuggets that are dairy free – I say that’s a win!!! 

For more information about food allergies and the teal pumpkin project, visit FARE @ http://www.foodallergy.org


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