Who knew Pita Chips could be this preeti 

These are so preeti cute and yummy!!!! These are perfect for an instant appetizer when your girlfriends says they are coming over and you’ve got to feed them because friends that eat together stay together….

So I thought I’d try this because it seems preeti easy to put together. I had avocado and spinach dip at home so I tried it. It was delishh.  I used the tositos spinach dip and added the grape tomatoes, omg it was yummy, so for the other one, I made up a mix using avocado, diced cucumber, diced celery and sour cream, also added a dash of black pepper, I didn’t have salmon so we ate it away….yum and to top it off, it’s nutritious. Stacey Baked Pita Chips were the awesome base to this tasty treat. Hmmmm yum was the feedback from friends.

Try it and let me know which is your favorite!!!


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