My desktop can wear Rose Gold too…Preeti Office Accessories you’ve got have..

Hello Readers, I saw this fun post on a fellow blogger’s site and I thought I’d share. I love rose gold.

Good afternoon my blogging friends!

On some of my recent posts including “Getting back into the studying mind”, some of you mentioned that you liked my desk accessories so I thought I’d share with you all my favorite desk/office accessories that I’ve seen & bought, how much they were and were you can get them from.

I’m one of those that loves to have a neat, tidy & CUTE looking desk/office, although my work space has been taken over at this present time due to decorating the house. When I decorate a room in our home I always stick to a theme otherwise it can look completely bizarre as I love shopping for home items & could probably buy cute without a thought if I’m in the mood. So today I’m sticking to a rose gold/copper theme as it seems to be the new in color and they can really…

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