What veggies??? No veggies left behind

I can’t be the only parent who has kids that don’t like veggies. My kids gag on veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, string beans, etc. In their mind, veggies should only consist of carrot, peas and corn and the occasional lima beans; even with these acceptable veggies, there are some veggies left behind. So I’ve found some ways to creatively get them to eat veggies without them knowing. Masking veggies into what they love has proven to be effective. What veggies!!!!

  • Pasta anyone – Let’s purée kale and/or spinach and mix in with marinara pasta sauce.
  • Is Rice a favorite – Let’s make some broliflower- grated broccoli stems and cauliflower crowns and mix in with white rice – the kids did not notice anything different with this mix – winner !!!! – see blogpost for Broliflower Prep
  • Mashed Potatoes -Let’s Mash some Potatoes with cauliflower- sprinkle some bacon and chives – Delishhhhhhh
  • What about that Smoothie – to satisfy the kids sweet tooth, blend bananas and peaches with almond milk – vanilla flavor with a hint of honey, then add a handful of baby spinach.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich – spread avocado on the whole grain or wheat bread with your favorite kind of cheese, I opt to use vegan cheese- Daiya cheeses are awesome !!!! Check out their website for an assortment of Dairy Free Products
  • Roll that Meatball!!!! – super chopped spinach rolled in with ground beef or ground turkey and they would have no idea – add to your veggie infused pasta sauce.

Recipes to come !!! Let me know which you one you would like to try and which ones are winners !!!


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