Say goodbye to those baggies, say hello to these fun little snack packs…

As I was packing my kids lunches today, I realized that I was all out of snack baggies. Ughhh, so I use the sandwich bag to pack their snacks and as I’m pouring the snacks in, I realize the portion size is too large. Anyway, fast forward an hour later, I’m on Instagram and I see an ad for saw this cute snack container bidding farewell to those baggies, and saying hello to a sleek new way of taking snacks on the go. Strange, I thought, how is Instagram reading my mind, I hadn’t even searched for anything in this arena- oh wells, I guess social media now knows what I like. So this stackable snack containers keeps your lunch bag organized and looks preeti cool too. This snack container encourages healthy portion control for kids and adults, it’s fun and cool looking for the kids that they will be excited to open and see what goodies lies inside. It’s cool little way to stack your snacks and the kids can have fun filling their snack stacks independently.

I think I just may just get one or two or more.

You can get one for less than $7 at Whiskware Or check it out on Amazon


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