Scarves makes the best accessory-my scarf 🧣 obsession….

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In cold times like these, when you’re all bundled up with nothing but your eyes in sight, nothing warms you up more than a beautiful scarf around your neck; instant warmth whether you’re outside or inside . There are so many different varieties of scarves from Knit to Pashmina, infinity, shawl wrap, etc- the colors and patterns are endless and they are budget friendly way to update your looks. Not only do they warm you up, it’s an opportunity to add a pop of color to your coat, and to top it off ladies, adding a scarf can keep make up off your coat or jacket collar – washing your scarf is so much cheaper than dry cleaning your coat. I don’t discriminate on scarves, I get them anywhere, I’ve gotten scarves for as cheap as $5 bucks, I know that’s preeti cheap. Walmart, target, Kohl’s all carry scarves of different varieties. Below are all the scarves I have to collected, I’m still collecting, can you say I’m obsessed !!!!

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