Preeti’s Gist on Shea Moisture’s Vegan Lip Balm

Hello Readers,

Just wanted to give my two cents on this very delicious find. I found this lip balm on clearance at Target and figured I had to try it, since it was vegan. I did just buy one at first because I am very hesitant to try something new on my super sensitive lips. My lips are very sensitive and are very easily irritated so I’m limited in what I could put on my lips whether be it lip balm, lip gloss or lip stick. Anyway, so I saw this vegan lip balm for a whopping  0.97 cents (less than a dollar), can you believe that? It usually retails for around $3-$4. So here’s the gist on this vegan lip balm, it smells delicious, it goes on smoothly, it’s free of petroleum, mineral oils and parabens. This is seriously a plant based product that actually moisturizes my lips for hours and to be honest with you I don’t mind licking my lips every so once in a while. It’s not oily or super glossy so it leaves your lips feeling really soft. So I was lucky, the minute I tried this and my lips weren’t irritated, I ran back to Target the next day to get the remaining stash they had on clearance. I love it, the hubby loves it and the kids love it too. By the way, I also love putting this one before I go to bed to keep my lips replenished and rejuvenated overnight.

Pucker up, this vegan lip balm is for everyone – it doesn’t get any better than this.

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