Preeti Hot Scotch Egg – Baked or Fried

Oooooh you’re going to want to try this. It’s packed with protein. Made with lean turkey sausage and egg which is a powerhouse of nutrition with a range of about 18 vitamins and minerals. Perfect breakfast if I must say so myself.

What you need:

  • 2 Lbs of Lean Turkey Sausage
  • 6 Large Hard Boiled Cage Free Eggs
  • 1 Large Cage Free Egg for Coating
  • Vegetable Oil for Deep Frying or Vegetable Spray for Baking
  • 1 Packet of Knorr Vegetable Bouillon
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
  • 2 Cups of Blended Corn Flakes in place of Bread Crumbs.

What to do:

  • Boil 6 eggs for about 10 mins
  • While the eggs are boiling, put together the sausage mix by, break apart the turkey sausage and add powdered chicken bouillon and cayenne pepper. Mix Thoroughly and set aside.


  • Blend Corn Flakes into powdered form as shown below.



  • Once the egg is boiled, soak in cold water for 1 mins and then peel the shell off of the eggs. (Pardon the one egg that looks like it’s battered below)


  • Beat one fresh egg and set aside for coating your sausage covered egg.
  • Take a chunk of the sausage mix, flatten it in your palm and pat it out evenly on each egg then dip the sausage covered egg in the beaten egg then roll it into the blended cornflakes as shown below.


  • Deep Frying Option:
    • In a deep fryer or deep sauce pan filled with vegetable oil or any oil of your choice, wait till the oil is really hot. then add each sausage covered egg to the hot oil and fry for about 5 – 7 mins. Make sure, you gently turn each one scotch egg in the oil to make sure the sausage is browned and thoroughly cooked.
  • Baking Option
    • Preheat Oven to 400 F. Place each sausage covered egg in a baking sheet, spray vegetable oil sparingly on each scotch egg then bake for 30-35 Mins or until sausage is brown and thoroughly cooked.



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