Blogger Recognition Award

Hello My Amazing Blogging Family,

I just wanted to take this time to thank and acknowledge my fellow food blogger, Loyola’s Delicious Life who has nominated me for the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD– Her blog is full of super delicious recipes, you’re going to want to try – that is if you don’t eat the screen first 😂.  I want to say this is the first I’ve been nominated for an award since I began my blogging journey a little over a year ago. I know this may sound cheesy, but I’m really excited that I’m getting some recognition amongst all the other blogs that are out there. Once again, thank you so much Loyola for the nomination and thanks to all my followers and food lovers.

I started my food blog a little over a year ago and my blog started out as just somewhere I wanted to blog about my Top 3 Fab Loves – Food, Fashion and Fun Finds with Family & Friends but evolved into mostly being about Food. I’m a foodie by heart (I mean I really love food) and I love have fun with food especially since my meals are primarily Dairy Free because I have a son with a dairy allergy; I make all lot of my meals at home with made up recipes. So while my blog is primarily about Dairy Free Meals/Food, I still believe that it still captures my Top 3 Fab Loves because I love making my dishes fashionably preeti – @PreetiDish – the more color in your dish, the more nutritious it is. I want to inspire people that feel like dairy free cooking or cooking in general is a chore that cooking is fun. In my blog, you’ll find time saving recipes that making cooking a fun breeze that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

My advice to new bloggers would be:

Keep doing what you love and it will never feel like work.

Inspiration is right under nose – stay woke (Take pictures, Take Notes)

I will also be paying this forward and nominating my other fellow bloggers:


@blackwomanrebooted –

@foodzesty –

@flavorsmasher –

@foodallergymamabear –

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So now that you’ve gotten nominated, please pay it forward – we are all in the same community and want to see each other succeed and spread their wings so please:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and make a post to show your award
  • Give a brief summary of how your blog got started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate at least 15 blogger for this award including the one who nominated you and make sure your let your nominees know you’ve nominated them. (I used their username to tag them so they are notified of your nomination)
  • Spread the love everyone and have a preeti lovely day

Happy Blogging,

PreetiDish AKA Vicky –


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