Preeti Roasted Garlic & Peppered Brussels Sprouts

So I didn’t know how much I would love Brussels Sprouts until I actually started making some myself. This is an easy recipe and makes for a perfect side dish for the upcoming holiday dinners. Yum Yum Guaranteed


  • Depending on how much you want to make – The picture here is about 1 lb of Brussels Sprouts
  • 2 Green Serrano Peppers
  • 5 Garlic Cloves – Minced
  • 1 Packet of Goya Vegetable Seasoning
  • 3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
  • Black Pepper


  • Rinse brussels sprouts with water and vinegar if you have, then cut the bottom of the brussels and then cut in half.
  • Place halved brussels sprouts in a well greased baking pan.
  • Add sliced serrano pepper and minced garlic
  • Sprinkle Goya Vegetable seasoning on the brussels sprouts and shake the baking pan to make sure all the ingredients are very well saturated.
  • Set the Toaster Oven/Air Fryer temperature to 375ºF in Bake mode
  • Sprinkle the Olive Oil all over the Brussels Sprouts and place in the Toaster Oven/ Air Fryer and set timer for 10 minutes – this keep it a little crunchy.
  • Then change the Toaster Oven to Airfryer Mode and Air Fry for 5 minutes
  • Take out the brussels sprouts, serve in a dish and sprinkle some black peppers on the top.
  • Enjoy !!!!


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