Just because I have a kid with Food Allergies 

My son was born with a food allergy which we discovered at 6 weeks old when he had a rash that refused to go away, he would wheez every time he was nursed – long story short, we had bloodwork done to identify what he was allergic to, turned out to be allergies to cow’sContinue reading “Just because I have a kid with Food Allergies “

Party in 2 Days – Preeti’s Tips on getting Organized

So it’s a holiday weekend, you’re chatting it up with your sister and next thing you know, you’re hosting a casual get together in 2 Days. How many guests are we hosting? How many of the guests are kids? What’s the menu? What do you have in the house? Start your shopping lists What timeContinue reading “Party in 2 Days – Preeti’s Tips on getting Organized”

Tidbits about Preeti…..

I’m Vicky, I am starting this blog because I love to have fun with food, and fashion. My blog will be inspired by my experiences with family and friends. So readers, brace yourself, I will be sharing an earful of Preeti’s tips on fun, food and fashion. Happy Reading !! Remember, life is about having fun, enjoying good food and looking Preeti while doing it !!!!!