Preeti Pink – Inspired by Floral Pants – Fab and Beautiful without breaking the Bank

Two of my favorite colors are pink and purple. I found these pants at Target for $10.38…what????.., they were originally $27.99; I found this on the clearance rack, didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with it so I bought it. Love the flower details are so fab and feminine. For those are not quite sure about wearing floral, this is a more subtle way to incorporate floral print into your wardrobe. So here’s how I put it all together inspired by the Pants. I did end up swapping out that necklace for a more simpler gold necklace. This entire outfit excluding the Apple Watch was less than $60 – the most expensive item there was the Calvin Klein shoes for $25 on clearance at Nordstrom Rack – originally $119. Everything here were clearance items. I’m telling you – you can be Fab and beautiful without breaking the bank. Beauty on a Budget and Balling on a Budget. #BOB #PreetiBOB

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